April 2022 Update

Your April 2022 AUNP Update!

An update from AUNP:


Hello to all NPs from the AUNP Board. We want to let you know what the Board has been working on in the past month, and update you on the bargaining progress made thus far.


  1. We have been meeting with the labour relations team at AHS biweekly for the past 2 months to set the foundation for a successful period of collective bargaining. AHS and Covenant Health will be coming to the bargaining table together, and we will be negotiating a single agreement which will cover NPs within both organizations.
  2. We have assembled a bargaining committee which represents NPs from across the province. Information on the committee representatives will go out formally once a request for bargaining has been sent by us to the employers.
  3. A draft Collective Agreement has been assembled, and it’s great. It covers the priorities which were identified through the priority setting process. An executive summary of the agreement (sending out the 130 page document for feedback at this time wasn’t feasible) has been prepared and will also be distributed at the time of our bargaining request.
  4. The AUNP is already responding to support individual members regarding practice concerns. The College of Registered Nurses of Alberta has adapted it’s Agent Selection form to allow any licensed member to choose the AUNP as its Agent during formal proceedings.
  5. Many NPs are asking about the end of the Salary Restraint legislation and how it may affect NPs employed by AHS and Covenant Health. It’s not a straightforward issue, so we have prepared an explanation of How We See It, which is attached.


Much is happening in your AUNP. We encourage members to become involved. Sign up to receive emails on the website (www.aunp.ca), so that you can receive emails through our listserv, consider volunteering to be a Site Representative, and think about how your skills could be used on an AUNP committee. If you have questions, please reach out to us by email: [email protected], [email protected].