May 2022 Update

Your May 2022 Update!

27 May 2022

Hello AUNP Members,


We are excited to announce that we have delivered the Notice to Commence Bargaining to Alberta Health Services and Covenant Health, and that bargaining will commence on May 31st. To see the steps that have been taken and where we are at on our AUNP Timeline, check out our website:


The AUNP Board of Directors has been working tirelessly alongside our legal and lobby team to develop the first ever Collective Bargaining Agreement Draft for Nurse Practitioners in Alberta. The document has been pored over by the team, our legal counsel and labour advisor, and the bargaining committee. When there were questions, clarification was sought from NPs working in the field. David Froelich has worked to distill a summary for you all to review, which is accessible by going to this link: AUNP Bargaining Agreement Summary Document (Final)


The entire CBA draft is long and contains a lot of standard language. We believe that the key items have been included in the summary, but if you have questions about specific portions of the summary, feel free to reach out to me at [email protected]. We will do our best respond as soon as possible. Also, feel free to reach out to your site representative for clarification. They can liaise with the district representative for your area, who has been meeting with the board and bargaining committee.


North District Representative: Amy Regnier – [email protected]

Edmonton District Representative: Jessica Deckert-Sookram – [email protected]

Central District Representative: Kim Thompson – [email protected]

Calgary District Representative: Jeremy Wiens – [email protected]

South District Representative: Sarah Duncan – [email protected]


ALSO! We want to recognize the work of our bargaining committee:

  • Lesley Lapierre – ICU NP from the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton
  • Michael Wilson – Community-based palliative care NP in the North zone
  • Kim Scherr – Representative from the NPs at Covenant Health
  • Leanne Fedyshen – South zone NP working across the Medicine Hat area
  • Jeremy Wiens – Acute care NP at South Health Campus in Calgary
  • David Froelich – our intrepid Labour Advisor with much experience in union work and bargaining
  • Ed Picard – our legal advisor and wordsmith extraordinaire from Alberta Counsel


It is crucial that we stand together and highlight the value of NPs across the province. Be prepared to speak up about NPs, and how we are working to achieve equity and recognition through bargaining.



Anne Summach, AUNP President