Spring/Summer 2024 AUNP update

Spring/Summer 2024 AUNP update  

Hello fellow AUNP NPs! 

We hope this update finds you all doing well and looking forward to warmer weather!  

Here’s an update on what your board has been working on. 

Joint Committee and Bargaining Activities 

We met with the AHS and Covenant Health Joint Committees on May 9/24. The main topics discussed were:  

  • Locums – approval process, rostering, and how NPs are made aware of available positions. 
  • MRP - Clarification of process for NPs to be approved for MRP status.  
  • MAID shifts/assignments - Clarification for NPs' eligibility for OT picking up MAID shifts/assignments when providing MAID exceeds regularly scheduled hours.  
  • Professional Development/Educational Leave reimbursement.
  • Employer ongoing Bargaining update & progress. AUNP awaiting dates and most likely will be in early fall. 
  • Concerns regarding NPs being assigned to RN position/duties. 
  • Confirm practice/procedure for NP's ability to finish a temporary position before starting a new permanent position. 
  • Discussion regarding streamlining seniority date change requests - should an NP move between the two employers; their seniority date would be updated and accurate with the receiving employer. 
  • Ongoing issue/discussion about weekly OT thresholds (38.75 vs 44 hours).


The AUNP Board has started to prepare for 2024 bargaining with AHS and Covenant Health. Townhall meetings were held for the rural, Edmonton and Calgary zones.  

We expect to start bargaining sometime in the fall. 



On May 3rd, the Executive Board met with Health Minister Adriana LaGrange and MLAs Scott Sinclair (Parliamentary Secretary Indigenous Policing), Martin Long (Parliamentary Secretary Rural Health) and Chelsae Petrovic (Parliamentary Secretary Health Workforce Engagement). 

The meetings were positive with each representative speaking highly of NPs and the need for more in the community. AUNP focused on advancing the need of NPs as MRPs and increasing care through multiple care models from mental health and addictions to community healthcare centres. 

Our main objectives in how they could help facilitate the progression of NPs were by (courtesy of Lesley Lapierre, VP): 

  • Working to removing barriers to MRP/admitting privileges. 
  • Stabilizing AHS/CH NP workforce by ensuring pay equity between primary care and AHS/CH NPs as we head into our next round of bargaining. 
  • NPs need a workforce plan for strategic planning of services. 

It is our pleasure to support NPs and advance the profession across Alberta. As always, please reach out to AUNP if you have any questions.  

Enjoy your summer! 

Your AUNP Board