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Weekly Meeting March 16


March 9 - Weekly Meeting Recording


NPAAU Board Members

Hi all,


As most of you know, NPAAU held our first meeting on February 24th, 2021 at 7 PM where members were able to vote for the adoption of the constitution and nominate/elect board members for the organization. If you missed the meeting, you could access the meeting minutes by logging in with your credentials:


The official board members of NPAAU:

President – Mary-Elizabeth Cooper

Vice President – Anne Summach

Treasurer – Kim Meier

Secretary – Jennifer Danielsen

District Representative North Region – Sarah Hennings

District Representative Central Region – Chris Mah

District Representative South Region – Janice Epp

District Representative Edmonton Region – Lesley Lapierre

District Representative Calgary Region – Lucie Lapierre


We appreciate the commitment from all our NPAAU members. We are making progress in this journey and we could not have made it this far without you all. If you know of other NPs who have yet to join NPAAU please encourage them to do so by sending them this link:


If you have any questions please reach out to the following email

[email protected]


Thank you,

NPAA - Union


March 3 - Weekly Meeting Recording


Feb 23 - Weekly Meeting - Recording


February 16 - Weekly Meeting - Recording

If you missed our weekly meeting feel free to watch it below!


February 16 - Update

Dear NPs of Alberta,

NPs in Alberta are at a crossroads. We have been afforded a unique opportunity to forge our own future.

The government of Alberta was very purposeful in giving NPs their own bargaining unit. They could have just put us back in the labour code as employees and let us fight the second part of the determination hearing with UNA and see what happened.  They didn’t.

NPAA has been looking for alternate ways to be able to have a say in bargaining wages with government and employers other than a union, but once the complaint was put forth by UNA and the one NP to the ALRB, this was the road we were required to take.

YOU MUST CHOOSE: NPAA or another union to be the bargaining agent.

  • We have hired experts that can navigate this process and have experience ratifying Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  • In another union you will be a minority voice and the unique needs of NPs will be lost.
  • An NP led union means representation for all NPs under one banner, speaking to the unique needs of NPs.
  • We will be a small, efficient union, focusing on professionalism and all aspects of NP practice.
  • We have the finances to proceed and see it to completion. Fiscal responsibility will ensure success moving forward.
  • No other union will commit to do any of the advocacy work, education, or advancement of the profession. NPAA has been advancing these issues with increasing success.
  • NPs will decide how the new union will look and function according to the needs of its members.
  • Establishing a union will galvanize our efforts with government and employers for NPs.
  • Another union will absorb AHS NPs (largest group) which will split NPs, and NPAA will not survive. All previous work will be lost. NPs outside of AHS will have no representation.
  • NPs know what NPs do and the diversity of the scope of practice. We cannot afford to lose this.
  • This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, it will not come again.
  • Weekly webinars start Tuesday Feb 16th with our experts to answer any questions.
  • Go to the website for more information and join us to unite NPs in Alberta.