Why Do NP's Need Representation?

The title of nurse practitioner (NP) was not title protected until 2003. Prior to this those who were working within an advanced scope of practice was under UNA as extended class RNs. In 2003 Bill 27 reclassified “RN extended class” as “Nurse Practitioner” and removed the new category from the Regional Health Authority Collective Bargaining Regulation (RHACBR). The government felt the NPs were expanding their scope of practice and were becoming more like physicians than nurses, and planned for them to negotiate wages, etc. on their own behalf as other professionals do. This was done without any consultation with NPs. Since that time, NPs have not had any formal representation to negotiate wages, benefits, or working conditions. While there have been changes over time to remuneration, it has not been adequate or kept pace with the changes in RN salaries over time.